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Sunday drops for drive-time spots
Every Sunday at 6pm, we drop new home listings all within a 1-5 hour drive from your home. From cabins to city lofts, you'll find a range of homes and cities waiting to become your next getaway.
Pay Just the cleaning fee
The best part? Swiftstay keeps it simple. When you book with us, all you pay is the $150 cleaning fee. No hidden costs, no fuss – just pure adventure at your fingertips.
Launching in...
We’re launching in Nashville, Charleston, Savannah, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Charlotte, and Asheville (with more cities dropping soon).

Explore new cities and member homes for just the cleaning fee.

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Swiftstay is a members-only network where we make home sharing seamless and fun. We take homes with soul.
Explore and book curated homes
New members can book up to 3 nights (1 weekend) before they host their own home. Only pay the cleaning fee for every booking.
Host and earn credits
Once you use up your 3 free credits, you’ll earn more by listing your home when you're away. Before approving a booking, you'll connect with members who request to stay in your home.

We’re curating the best homes in the best nearby destinations with the best members.

Homesharing done differently.

Swiftstay curates inventory where you are exchanging your home for credits, not swapping 1 on 1. List your home to gain credits in our give to get model. 1 credit = 1 night.

    Uzair's Home
    Atlanta, GA
    Uzair's Home
    Atlanta, GA
    Whit's Home
    Charleston, SC
    Marketing Manager
    Sophie's Home
    Asheville, NC
    Product Lead

    community and rules.

    All members are verified by their LinkedIn, Instagram, and onboarding interview.
    All members host their own home or second home to travel.
    All members get professional photography of their homes where we also verify the address, location, and quality.
    All members follow Swiftstay member rules for each stay.

    Host easily. We'll do the hard work.

    Approve who stays in your home
    You’ll view profiles, a intro video, and be put in a chat with members requesting to stay in your home.
    Receive a hosting kit
    You’ll receive a hosting kit that includes guest essentials, including fresh bed sheets, towels, toiletries, and a lockbox.
    Professional cleaning before and after
    We organize cleaners before and after each stay. Come back home to a spotless place.
    Host insurance (up to 100k host coverage included per stay)
    $100,000 coverage is included in each and every stay. Swiftstay has comprehensive coverage.

    Travel more, spend less.

    Unlike Airbnb and other booking platforms, pricing doesn't change based off the location, weekend or type of home.

    per weekend
    Only pay the cleaning fee.
    Airbnb / Hotel
    per weekend
    Airbnb fee
    Service fee
    Other taxes and fees
    The community.

    Swifstay is launching in May 2024 and we are recruiting founding members in Nashville, Charleston, Savannah, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Charlotte, and Asheville. Founding members pay no yearly fee for their first year on Swiftstay. If you’re interested in being a founding member, here’s a bit about who we are looking for.

    • Best neighborhoods in town
    • Love to explore
    • We’re looking for members who are spontaneous 💫
    • Homes with soul.
    • Well cared for.
    • Rented or owned.
    • Small, big, medium-sized homes.

    Commonly asked questions

    Is my home eligible for Swiftstay?

    We continuously welcome homes to our platform to maintain a balanced supply and demand in various locations. Whether rented or owned, modest or spacious, our focus is on secure, well-maintained residences inhabited by enthusiastic travelers.

    How does host protection work? Am I covered if something breaks?

    Swiftstay automatically provides $100,000 in host protection for each trip, covering any accidental damage.

    As Swiftstay operates on the principle of reciprocity, it cultivates a community characterized by heightened trust and mutual respect for each other's homes compared to traditional rental platforms.

    How is this different than renting my home on Airbnb?

    Swiftstay functions as an exclusive network for home exchanges rather than a typical vacation rental platform. Within Swiftstay, there exists no monetary transaction between guests and hosts. Its members are comprised of trusted peers seeking to enhance their travel experiences, as opposed to professional hosts managing rental businesses. The accommodations offered are genuine residences rather than investment properties.

    Swiftstay endeavors to unite members who share common connections, such as mutual friends or shared networks, enabling them to stay in each other's homes. Participants have the option to engage in a direct exchange or accrue nights by hosting, which they can later utilize for accommodations elsewhere.

    Do I need to remove my personal belongings from my home?

    Definitely not! Our members recognize that this is a genuine home, not merely a vacation rental. Therefore, there's no need to fret about clothes in your closets, pictures on your walls, or items in your drawers. We simply request that any superfluous clutter be tidied away. Swiftstay arranges for professional cleanings before and after each trip to guarantee a smooth hosting experience.

    Let's travel more.

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